Make a financial promise to charity.

Send a donation to Charity Box every month, or your card gets charged. Commit to simplifying your life, and improving the lives of others.

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How Charity Box works:

  1. Improve Humanity 🕊️

    Donate something to charity once a month. You can send your contributions directly to us to be donated on your behalf, or you can donate locally. Make the difference that matters to you!

  2. ... Or Else 💳

    In order to form a habit of doing good, you choose a penalty and when you miss a donation, you will be charged that amount.

Minimize your wardrobe

Make a difference

Find a new home for your stuff

What to donate

  • 👔 Clothes you don't wear

  • 💻 Electronics you don't use

  • 🥘 Canned food

  • 🐻 Toys

  • 💵 Money to charity

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